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*  Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy

Combining safe, effective, natural, healing modalities, to treat illness and promote your improved over all health and emotional well being.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a revolutionary healing technique that has recently been introduced into Canada. Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy (BMP) is a powerful holistic healing system that works at the biological ground level to balance ph and restore the conditions necessary for health.

When areas of the body become overly acidic or alkaline, the stage is set for pathogens to move in and begin to reproduce. Almost all disease (fibromyalgia, lyme, bronchitis, IBS, cancer, infections, etc.) can be traced back to a single pathogen, or groups of pathogens working together. Other types of disease involving organ dysfunction can be directly related to a ph imbalance within the organ.

During a BMP session, the body is scanned to find areas of ph imbalance. Therapeutic strength magnets are then used to neutralize the ph in the effected zones.  

When ph is balanced, the conditions the pathogens count on for their survival are removed; pathogens die off and are secreted by the body, and organs can regain functionality.

As the body rids itself of disease causing fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites, health is recovered. Additionally, antibodies thrive within a neutral ph, bringing a sluggish immune system back online.

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Elle Molineux is a Dr. Goiz certified Biomagnetic Pairs Therapist and Instructor. Her background in energy healing includes Reiki Master Certification and Crystal Healing Certification.   

Elle spent 28 years as a police officer using her natural empathic and healing abilities to assist people who were experiencing heightened states of crisis and conflict.  

After much soul searching and years of inner prompting, Elle made the necessary life changes to devote herself full time to learning and applying holistic healing therapies.  

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