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The advantage to taking the Biomagnetism Training course online are numerous. 

* Learn at your own pace

* Learn from the comfort of home

* Take the lessons as many times as you need to

* Video tutorials demonstrate exactly how to conduct kinetic testing and apply magnets

* All resource materials are provided

Other benefits:

* The online course covers both Level I and Level II

* Detailed lessons are given written and in video format.

* Video tutorials can be watched again and again.

* We can be reached via email for support

Here's what you will learn:

Biomagnetism Level I

Learn to use magnets for maintaining everyday health and treating common illness, using a set of simple protocols. These protocols will wipe out 80% of everyday pathogens from the body and will eliminate guilt and fear from the emotional body and aura.

We will also learn to use magnets to depolarize deep emotional trauma that has settled in organs, bones and tissues and will discuss the benefits of magnetized water.    

By the end of this course, students will understand:

A) How ph imbalance promotes and sustains disease.

B) The symbiosis between pathogenic organisms.

C) The relationship between magnetic fields and ph in the body.

By the end of this course, students will have the skill necessary to:

A) Perform Kinetic Body Testing

B) Balance the Meridians using Magnets

C) Apply a set of simple protocols to eradicate 80% of common, disease causing pathogens, and alleviate a host of psycho-emotional conditions.

Biomagnetism Level II (included in on-line course)

Building on knowledge and skill learned in level I, students will learn to conduct a full body scan using a magnet and kinetic body testing. Students will learn to depolarize areas of ph imbalance, and understand 'reservoirs' , 'complimentary pairs' and 'reverse polarity'. 

By the end of Level II, students will be able to:

A) Scan over 150 points on the body to detect ph imbalance and determine if the point being scanned is acid/alkaline. 

B) Neutralize the ph in the identified zones using sets of therapeutic magnets.

C) Conduct distance healing sessions.