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The above pictured magnets can be purchased on the Biomagnetism Training e-course website HERE .

Biomagnetism Training magnets have a thick sturdy wrap, and withstand constant use and cleaning. 


The polarizing rod is used to align the three body planes; horizontal, vertical and posterior/anterior. Polarizing the body planes reorganizes the cells and promotes easier transfer of energy and communication throughout the organism. Polarization is an excellent protocol to do on yourself every morning, and is invaluable when it comes to organizing the client’s energy system which, in turn, promotes accuracy during the scan. The rod is available for purchase HERE.


The biomagnetism psycho-emotional constellations are an incredibly effective tool in reducing emotional pain and suffering. They can be reapplied as often as needed. You will learn everything you need to know to effectively apply the constellations, in the accompanying slide show. 

Purchase 6 therapeutic magnets for the Psycho-Emotional Mini-Course. Follow the instructions in the tutorial slideshow to apply the psycho emotional constellations. Cost is $140 Canadian, $111 USD. Shipping is FREE. You will be provided the link to the slideshow via email (the slide show can also be viewed below). 

To order the psycho - emotional package (6 leather wrapped therapeutic magnets) - select the Buy Now button. Then send me a message ([email protected]) including your full shipping address. Be sure to include your shipping address and email address. The training/tutorial video is below.

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